working all the time

Hello all,

First off, if you’re reading this – thanks a lot. I appreciate how often people have asked me about this blog and my plans for it, since we’ve gone through a rather-lengthy quiet period.

Here’s the long and short of it:

1. I’m going to be updating this blog again. It provides an outlet I think I need, and often forces me to be a better person just by osmosis. Hence, updates. I will attempt to do at least one every few weeks, since they take me some time to do, but will aim for more. Thanks for sticking around.

2. Remember that email course I did? Well, I’m turning it into a book (now with less dramatic writing!). Once I’m done editing, the book will be available via this website with expanded content (and possibly via Amazon/Kindle as well, if I can make it work). It will be cheap, probably a buck or so. If you missed out on the first series of emails, look for it here.

3. I want to expand on the content here, with some interviews, possibly videos, and maybe a shirt in the future. If you’ve got an idea for a design, send it my way.

That’s it. Again, thanks for reading. Now, get to work.