What is this, anyway? Well, it’s the blog that didn’t exist – the blog for people who want to be more motivated, do cooler things with their life, but aren’t simpering idiots. Its:

The self-help blog for bedroom weirdos, shut-ins, and loners. How to be creative, have friends, not be miserable, get up in the morning, and dress like a human being. How to square your ambition with your laziness. How to motivate yourself. How to really do cool stuff, not just read about it, or buy some book or system that promises to show you how but just leaves you 20$ poorer and feeling like a sucker. How to make awesome art. How not to be poor forever. How to not hate your life. Also: pictures of cool desks and office supplies.

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About Me:

Dan Barrett is the author of the ETERNAL SUFFERING SOCIETY Blog.Hi! My name is Dan Barrett. You can read more about me at my about.me page.

I’m “creative.” I write a lot of music. I have a lot of ideas. I start companies, start screenplays, and over-think things.

I’m also a natural depressive and cynic. I get lonely. I don’t always (usually?) finish what I start. I’m always looking for answers. I don’t find them very often.

I started this blog because the blog I wanted to read didn’t exist yet.