Break Free Of Your Rut and Change Your Life Forever

A few months back I decided to undertake a project.

Why? I don’t know why. Why do we do anything?

This project consisted of writing down all the things that had helped me escape a rut – not just any rut, but the worst rut I had ever been in, a rut that threatened the nature of my entire life. That kind of rut.

Over time, this project has gotten larger and larger, more and more intense. It’s become hard to move forward, like big projects sometimes do.

How am I getting around that problem? By using one of the techniques I talk about in the project itself: dividing the project into smaller pieces and making myself accountable for their completion.

I’ve broken part of the writing process of into it’s own thing, a free email course entitled Break Free of your Rut and Change Your Life Forever. Modest goal, right?

If you’d like to be a part, and to receive a weekly email from me detailing some personal techniques, exercises, and philosophies I’ve used to break free of creative deadlock, motivational problems, and general lack of direction in life, just sign up for the email list below.

That’s it. Thanks!